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What factors help baby develop positively

Factors That Have a Positive Influence on the development of your Infants

Parenting takes you in to the world where you are fascinated and thrilled to watch your child grow. The exciting process of watching a helpless baby making moves to sit, crawl, and walk is nothing but astounding. During the first year of the baby, there are numerous vital factors that can influence and impact the baby’s development in a positive manner. In fact parents can whole heartedly initiate a process by indulging in specific tasks and thoughts which are aimed towards make sure that the baby is happy, healthy & leading a proper life.

Healthy Diet

It is rightly said –you are what you eat and you should love the food that loves you. To have a healthy child, it is imperative that you feed your baby wisely as this will have an impact on her growth which is at the peak during this time and will influence the child’s health for all her life. According to Children’s Hospital Boston, starting healthy eating habits in formative years will help her to maintain healthy eating patterns in future. For the first few months, a baby survives on breast milk or formula, however you must not start solid foods till the infant is four months old. When a baby is all set and begins taking solid food, parents must make certain to offer a variety of healthy food products at this stage, as these may help you to cultivate healthy eating habits in your child.

Stimulation & Interaction

A heavy dose of stimulation & interaction is necessary for your infant’s cognitive & emotional development. Indulging in talking, playing music, singing, storytelling or conversations (babbling type of sounds) helps to improve their vocabulary, makes them display their emotions and gives them the ability to solve problems. Storytelling, visit to museum, aquarium, zoo, etc. stimulate the senses of your child. Babies really like it when you read something to them (as noted by CA Childcare Health Program), and even though they have no ability to understand the story, just the sound of their parents creates a magic for them and fascinates them. A touch has the capacity to convey your love and emotions to your child which makes them feel special and loved .Physical contact with parents and care takers stimulates the child’s brain to grow and make important and valuable connections.

Secure Attachment

Healthy and secure attachments in an infant can be best described as “the emotional connections babies form with their parents & caregivers “and it develops over a period of time, notes Linda Gillespie & Amy Hunter from the National Association for the Education of young children. This theory stems from attachment factor, which is the work of psychologists John Bowly & Mary Ainsworth. It concludes that babies have the tendency to relate to their primary caregiver, in different ways, depending upon consistency & quality of care.


A secure attachment plays a very important role in this process. According to the U.S department of Health & Human services, “The importance of early infant attachment cannot be overstated. It is the heart of the child development and lays the foundation for relating, intimately with others, including spouses and children. It affects parent’s abilities to nurture and be responsive to their children. The effects of infant attachment are long term and influencing the generations of families.” Parents can form a healthy bond with their infant by reading her cues (such as crying, screeching, laughing, turning away, pointing) and responding promptly to her need and wants- which is how an infant learns that the caregiver is” a source of comfort and security.’’ Say Gillespie & Hunter. They have also clearly pointed that the research demonstrates how parents who interact directly with their infants impacts their later development. Babies who have the tendency to display secure attachments transform into children who feel that they are secure in this world as they are surrounded by people who care for them, and they have a close loving connection with these people. This motivates them to communicate better and create a deep understanding, and they feel confident to explore and enjoy the journey of life.”

Proper Sleep

After the baby is more than 3 to 4 months old it is ideal for it to sleep for around 12 hours every night in order to remain healthy. The sleeping patterns of all infants differ vastly. Normally babies take half hour naps which may even exceed to sleeping for around 2 hours at a stretch at regular intervals. It is a difficult task to train a baby to inculcate a proper sleep pattern, but parents must make an attempt to instill healthy sleep patterns in the infant. Michael J. Breus states that infants with a faulty sleep cycle tend to be more demanding and restless and are uncomfortable while playing. Moreover, infants who have an incorrect sleeping pattern stand a high risk of having issues in future related to their learning, and have a short memory. They also have difficulty in focusing and concentrating for a longer time. The states that if you wish to instill positive sleeping habits in your child you must allow the infant lay on the bed when he or she is in a drowsy state so that it can learn to fall asleep without assistance. This trend will help you in the long run when the child wakes up in the middle of the night. It is also imperative to instill a regular schedule for sleeping and napping. The bedtime routine should be relaxing and fun. The temperature and the ambience need to be quiet and dark and conductive for the baby to fall asleep.

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