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Ways to encourage children to love reading

One of the best things that you can ever teach your child is a love of reading. If you can teach them to embrace a good book then not only will they turn out to be a more educated person, but ultimately they will become a much more creative person In this article I want to share with you ten different methods you can use to encourage your child to read more, and perhaps more importantly, to love it.


1. Read to your Child


This is without a doubt one of the top methods. At a young age, it is unlikely that your child will be able to read with the enthusiasm or the passion that the author intended, and as a result they will become bored with it quickly. However, if you read to them you will be able to build passion and suspense into your voice, giving them a real sense of excitement when they end up reading your book.


2. Read Great Books to your Children


One of the greatest ways to fuel an interest in reading in your child is being very selective about the books that you read to them. You only want to read books that have enthralled a generation, the books that have excited people for man years. In short, only read them great stories. I am thinking along the lines of classic fairy tales here, or maybe some Roald Dahl books.


3. Fuel an Obsession within your Child


This means getting your child excited about something other than reading. It doesn't matter what they are obsessed with, just the fact that they have an obsession. As a result, they are most likely going to end up reading and learn more about the subject. As a result, they will truly understand just how important writing is.


4. Give your children an action packed life


Take them to museums, concerts, villages or cities and even art galleries. Here they will learn stories, and learn things which are ultimately going to encourage them to read more about a subject!


5. Storytelling Games


This is important to encourage a child to love reading. There are plenty of storytelling games out there so I won't delve into them. I am sure you know some from a young age. The key here is to get your child being creative and learning to love how stories are formed.


6. Encourage Questions


It is important that your child is encouraged to ask questions, and they should know that it is smart to ask questions, not only answer them. So keep a record with your child of every question they ask, and of course, the answer to that question! Go through the research process with them if you have to.


7. Play Time!


Too many parents believe that there is a rush to read as soon as possible. There really isn't. In fact, if you force too much onto your child too soon then it will ultimately mean that they lose the passion to read, and that is not something that you want. So allow them a bit of free time to play every so often. If it makes you feel any better, this will also help them be more creative!


8. Praise your children when they work hard!


You should always praise your child when they work hard, it is great for motivation. Try not to do it too much though, research has shown that children who are constantly praised end up with a fear of not being praised, which ultimately means they take on fewer challenges when it comes to learning.


9. Make your child laugh


Make up childish jokes with your them, or maybe a couple of rhymes. Just do anything with words that will make a smile light up on your child's face! They will love it.


10. Let your child choose the book


This should be fairly self-explanatory. Remember, your child is more likely to read a book that they have chosen themselves, so ensure they have some say in the 'choosing' process.


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