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Teaching children to be humble

Winner of the Nobel Prize Rabindranath Tagore once said, "We come nearest to the great when we are in humility." When your children grow up with humility they will be better equipped to handle challenges in life. If you want your children to be humble you need to set an example by showing humility yourself.

Here are some tips on how to teach children to be humble:

• Serving others is the best way to inculcate humility in children. Give them daily chores around the house according to their age. An example would be to set the table before serving meals. If your children are teenagers they can be made to help kids who are needy and may not be as fortunate as themselves. A great way is to give them some tips on making money themselves so that they can pay for things themselves, irrespective of how large the family income is.
• Always speak to your children on how lucky they are to be part of a well-to-do family and how being less affluent may have affected them. Give them some examples by which they will also be able to show empathy to others.

• Tell them clearly that showing any kind of disrespect to others will not be acceptable. They will need to be taught on how to accept one and all equally and with the greatest of respect. Do not allow them to show any disrespect to others and if they do penalize them so that they do not do it again.

• You should devote time with your children and have a discussion with them about areas where they could improve further. If you find that they are unable to be friendly with certain people due to their arrogant attitude counsel them accordingly. After you explain things to them ensure that they also feel encouraged and motivated enough to follow your guidelines.

• Teach kids that they are really wonderful and have all the talent that they need to be very successful. Also teach them that their skills and talent are a gift from God. Explain to them that they should be pleased with what they achieve but at the same time must not be arrogant of their successes.

• An important thing for children to learn is how to admit their mistakes. Tell them that only arrogant people never make mistakes. A person who is humble will always admit his mistake. This is the biggest hallmark of humility - to accept mistakes and be ready to atone for it.

• Children must always respect those who are older and more experienced. A child should never be telling elders and should rather ask whether what he feels is right. A simple way to teach them this aspect is to start a sentence with, "Is it possible that...?" This will take them really far in life as people will acknowledge their humility and be drawn towards them to help them in any way that they can.

• Set a good example yourself. Show them what humility means by demonstrating it yourself. Don't behave like a know-all and admit it when you are not aware of an answer yourself. 


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