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No physical punishment on children

Hitting a child is banned in only a few countries in the world; however there are a number of countries where it is still legal to hit a child, both in a school environment and whilst at home. Many parents find that this is one of the most appropriate ways to punish your child, however it is far from it, there are a number of reasons as to why you shouldn’t hit your child, and here is 10 of them.

1.      Research has shown that those children who are hit early on in their life are much more likely to become a violent adult. Remember, children learn behaviour from their parents, if they are constantly being hit then this is a behaviour they are going to learn.

2.      Quite often a child acts ‘naughty’ because a child is indicating that their basic needs are not being met, for example they are not getting enough attention. There is no need to punish your child in these circumstances, in fact, it is unfair to do so.

3.      Hitting does not allow your child to learn how to solve conflicts in a non-violent way, and thus is this the way that they are going to learn how to resolve conflicts in the future.

4.      You will be putting severe strain on the relationship if you hit the child, after all, we are not supposed to love someone that hurts us, it is not in human nature.

5.      Punishment in this manner incites fear in your child, this is not something that you want to do. Whilst they will not act poorly in the future, they will be less tempted to come up to you if you have any problems. This could mean that there are many problems in their life which are going ‘unresolved’

6.      If the ‘hitting’ does not accomplish what the parent wants, then it frequently leads to more dangerous violence towards a child.

7.      The child will often ‘unleash’ the anger and frustration that they have built up during their childhood years later on in life, and this could come at a high price in some situations.

8.      Spanking on the buttocks could lead to confusion in a child’s mind about the merging of pain and sexual pleasure. Think of all those ‘Spanking Wanted’ adverts that appear in newspapers, this is a result of this confusion manifesting itself later on in life. The confusion is further created when the child only receives attention when they are being punished.

9.      Even minor spanking can cause ‘back pain’ later on in life, and if you have ever experienced back pain, then you will be well aware that this is something that is incredibly difficult to get rid of.

10.  As the child is learning through their parent, they get the incorrect message that it is ok to hit someone to solve problems, and of course if they are in this mindset then it could cause problems later in their life, especially when they ‘act out’ towards their own children.

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