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How to train your child's concentration

Your child’s concentration levels are important if they are going to succeed in their education. Unfortunately though, not everybody is born with the ability to be able to concentrate. Thankfully there are a number of different techniques which you can use to improve your child’s concentration, which of course will ultimately have the effect of improving their education. Let’s take a little look at a few of these ways.

The first thing that needs to be considered happens during their study time. You will want to ensure that everything that is required for that particular session is close by to your child. This will minimise the amount of times that they need to stand up to get what they want, and as most of you are probably aware, once you have been distracted it is incredibly difficult to get ‘engrossed’ in your work again.

If you want a child to concentrate, then you will need to make them interested in the subject. If they have no interest there then they will not concentrate on the subject and will become easily distracted. You will want to try and liven up the ‘duller’ subjects as much as possible, whether it is through sharing interesting facts or playing a couple of games. Your goal is to get the child interested in what they are learning.

Sometimes at a young age children will become overwhelmed. There actually is such thing as ‘concentrating too much’. Your child will become easily burned out and will not be able to absorb any information that is presented in front of them. In this case you will want to teach them a variety of relaxation techniques that they can use in order to ‘reset’ themselves. You should never overwork a child! Concentration will dwindle a lot as a result.

Finally, you will need to praise your child every time they do well. This will motivate them to work harder the next time on the subject, especially if they know that they are going to be praised for it. This of course ultimately leads to improved concentration levels as your child will want to carry out fantastic work. This ties into the ‘reward’ approach that I mentioned earlier. Simple praise could actually be adequate reward for your child. This will of course help reinforce the bond that the two of you share, therefore it has dual benefits.

Try to set your child targets, make them achievable. Try to set these targets to be completed within a certain time, and reward the child as a result. You will be surprised at how much your child will ‘knuckle down’ and concentrate in order to get their reward. Over time you could remove the reward and still set challenges for them.

Just a few of these techniques being applied will increase your child’s concentration to levels that you had never expected before. You will be surprised at how much they are able to achieve, and above all, how much their intelligence increases as a result.

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