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How to teach sex education to children

Children are incredibly curious people, and at one point or another they are going to end up asking their children about issues relating to sex. This could be anything with regards to their ‘changing’ bodies or simply asking where children come from. Many people dread this time happening, and are incredibly reluctant to discuss sex with their children and instead fob them off with a made up story, this is not something that is suggested to do! Instead you should be open with your child and discuss sex with your children, these are a couple of tips that you can use.

It is important to allow communication between you and your children. You will need to make sure that your child feels listened to during the education, as well as you are providing them with truthful answers. Please also let your child have opinions on various sexual issues regardless of your own beliefs.

One of the key things to remember is to know as much as you can before you talk to your child, sure, sometimes you can’t always be prepared, but the more you know, the less likely you are able to answer any questions that they may present you with. It is always handy to have back up information to hand, such as leaflets or books aimed at your child’s age that you have to hand them if they wish to learn more.

Don’t just plan one big talk about sex education, instead plan many smaller talks. It could be a regular occurrence that you can work into your own life, the more open you are about sex, the more open your child will be. You need to realise sex is not a topic that should be kept under wraps.

Some children are not confident enough to start talks about sex, so instead it is up to you to make the first ‘leap’ into your chats. Eventually your child will open up and be willing to talk about the situation slightly more.

Starting the chats is incredibly simple, you don’t need to make it a formal occasion, instead try and work it into your everyday chats, your child and you will find it that much easier to discuss sex as a result of these ‘informal’ chats.

It may be easier to explain sex to your child if you share your own experiences, although don’t share your experiences if you feel it is going to make either you or your child uncomfortable.

Your children will be interested in hearing your beliefs about sex, but remember that your child is their own individual, and thus you do not want to impose your beliefs upon them, this could stop the conversation dead in its track. Also, you should never force your child to share their beliefs, many will be reluctant to do so.

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