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How to stop children from spending too much time on computer

Computers are of course part and parcel of every day life nowadays. Most educational establishments require that a child has almost constant access to a computer for their studies. Of course, like most things, computer access should only be done in moderation, and spending too long on a computer may actually be detrimental for a child. In this article I want to walk you through how you can stop your child spending too long on the computer.


Once you have identified the problem you need to talk to your child about why they are spending a long time on the computer. By discussing this you may actually find some issues in your child's life that may need addressing. After your discussions, I suggest that you move the computer to a public area in your home so you can monitor computer usage more readily. If you find that the addiction is really bad then you may want to set a password so only you can access the computer, which of course means the child is going to need approval before they start to use it.


You may find that your child's addiction isn't actually that bad. Yes, some children are addicted to gaming and chat rooms, and this needs addressing. However, a fair amount of children actually use their computers to learn brand new skills, and this is something you should look to encouraging as opposed to avoiding. Many children may actually go through a social network phase where they are addicted to them, but trust me, this is something that they will eventually grow out of. If you are concerned, you should always check your child's internet history to see what they are doing. Some children may delete this, so you could always install a key logger which will keep a track of everything done on that computer.


If your child is really addicted then you will want to look into options which will limit the amount that they can use the computer. The password which I mentioned before is the first of these options. There are also plenty of software programs that you can download online which will limit this usage somewhat, and they are of course things that you should be looking into. Nowadays there are even some computer programs which ask children educational questions before rewarding them with time on the internet! If you still find that your child is spending too much online then you may wish to punish them by denying them computer usage, yes, it is hard love but in some cases it is absolutely necessary sadly. Some children end up being addicted to computers as they simply cannot find anything else to fill their time, so again, try to keep them entertained, bond with them! Just keep them off the computer.


Yes, computer usage is safe most of the time, but if a child becomes addicted then their education can suffer, and this is of course not something that you want!

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