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How to make your children active readers

For children, reading isn't enough. In order to truly understand what is going on in the text they need to do far more than simply glance over the words on the page. They need to take an active approach in their reading, and this is what active reading is all about. If your child can learn to do this then they will learn so much more. Let me explain what it is all about.


Firstly, when your child is reading they need to be encouraged to ask questions about the book. The more questions they ask of you, the more they will start to understand the text, and that is of course what active reading is all about. In order to spur them on, you will probably want to ask your child questions too to let them know that it is OK to have questions during the text. Once you have finished your little reading session (you don't want it to go on too long or your child will become bored) you will want to have a little discussion session with them about what you have just read. Once your child knows that you are going to start to do this, they will start to ensure that they pay attention to every word on the page, which is of course the essence of active reading. The bonus of this is that they will also be learning a skill which is important during the learning process, and that is to be inquisitive about the world around them, and if you can build up an environment where they can discuss anything with you, it will only be beneficial.


In order to encourage reading with your child you need to promote the importance of books, and why they should love books. You need to be excited about reading, and show this to your child. Maybe sometimes you can even extend past your child's bed time a little to read some more of the book that the two of you are working through. Of course, you will also want to throw in those little question and answer sessions which will allow your child to think long and hard about the words on the page, and sometimes even beyond this. Perhaps once in a while you can ask your child what sort of emotions the character will be feeling during the story.


Make your child active readers early on in their life, encourage them as much as possible and they will be reaping the rewards for many years to come. They will be able to look beyond the words on that page and start to be more creative, and this is only going to be beneficial, whether they are at school, for leisure or even at work. There are far too many parents out there who don't understand the importance of reading in this way. Make sure that under no circumstances you are one of them. You want your child to learn in the most effective manner right?

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