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How to know if your child is gifted

In school many children appear to be the causers of trouble, or seem ‘unintelligent’, however, there could be an underlying cause to that. In this case it might be because they are actually gifted and they have a talent which needs harnessing. Let’s take a little look at what it means to be a gifted child, and what a parent can do in order to establish whether their child is gifted or not.

Firstly, it is important to know whether a child is gifted or not. The best learning approach can then be established from this. As mentioned previously, many of the children who are actually gifted are often told they have disorders such as ADD or ADHD, when really they are not being challenged enough. This of course is going to lead punishment in the classroom, and perhaps being taught at a lower level than the rest of their class, something that is not going to be beneficial at all.

If a child is gifted then you will find that they thrive in a classroom with other people that are also at the same level. If they are in a classroom which isn’t constantly challenging them, then they will often drop out and never play to their own abilities. Often when find a child is gifted, it is much too late to turn the child’s education around. This is why it is important to establish whether your child is gifted early.

The first thing that you will need to do is be on the lookout for various traits from a young age which could indicate that a child is gifted, this is just a small example of them but you should get the idea of what it is all about:

1.      Express Curiosity Often and ask thoughtful questions

2.      Vocabulary and sentence structure is fairly advanced.

3.      Able to solve problems in unique ways.

4.      Good Memory

5.      Original imagination.

6.      Unusual talent in art related subjects, for example art, music, dramatics.

7.      Incredibly fast learners.

8.      Wish to work alone and when they do they display initiative.

9.      Interested in reading.

10.  Creative

11.  Are able to order things in a logical sequence.

There are a number of ‘tests’ which have been designed to establish whether a child is gifted or not. If you want an accurate answer then it is best to subject your child to one of these exams, although they could be expensive. As all tests are different though it is suggested that you use a variety of different means to establish whether a child is gifted or not. Do not rely on what you think, quite often parents will ‘over exaggerate’ their child’s abilities.

Does a Child know that they are gifted?

You will find that most children will know that they are different in the way they learn by the age of five. It is at this point they go to school and you may find that their learning ability dwindles as a result.

Are they mislabelled as under achievers?

Yes, there are plenty of famous intellectuals in history that have been subject to this in school. Gifted children often become bored with what they are learning because it does not provide enough challenge.

What influences a gifted child’s development?

There has been a number of studies carried out on this. In the majority of cases it is through a clever nurturing by both parents and teachers. Most people were spurred on by one of these two, and there isn’t really a gifted person who is able to spur themselves on to great achievement without a parent by their side.

Who is gifted and who isn’t?

This is a question that is difficult to answer. It really does depend on where you live. You should also remember that ‘giftedness’ isn’t just related to the whole intelligence of a child, they have individual talents that they may be gifted in. Some people may also have a desire to succeed as opposed to a certain gift. So in short, it is difficult to establish.

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