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How to increase your child’s IQ

Many people argue that you cannot raise your child’s intelligence; they believe that it the maximum intelligence of a person has been fixed at birth and is completely unchangeable. Although many people also think that you can change the intelligence of a person. I tend to sit in the latter camp, after all, isn’t it the experiences that we go through in life a determining factor in the amount of knowledge that we have? Somebody that goes to a school which is ranked as one of the best in the country could end up appearing much more intelligent than one that is failing. There are a number of techniques that people are using every single day to increase their child’s intelligence. Let’s take a little look at a few of them.

You will need to give the child confidence to succeed. For example, they will need to believe that they will succeed. It is the doubt in a person’s mind that often leads to failings. For example, you want to convert thoughts of ‘I’m going to fail’ into a thought of ‘I can do this’. Researchers have discovered time and time again that positive thoughts have a positive impact on the intelligence of a person, it helps ‘defog’ their minds.

You could always try to change the diet of your child. You will be surprised at how much effect this could have on their IQ levels, it will of course also have the dual benefit of making your child healthier. Try to include citrus fruits in the diet for memory improvement, green vegetables to combat against memory fatigue, and a lot of lean meat, it is often a lack of iron that can impair learning and lean meat contains a lot of this. It is suggested that you look into this in a bit more depth, as the change of diet is something that you can quite easily do today.

Research has consistently shown that children who are physically active are more likely to succeed in school. This is because exercise gives the body, especially the brain a healthy dose of oxygen which helps improve concentration, thinking speed and other intelligence building qualities. Regular exercise will also help improve the overall health of your child so this is certainly not something that you want to turn your nose up at!

Create a mentally stimulating environment. You will want to create an environment where children are easily able to work on their mental abilities, or to extract educational things from their surroundings. This can include requesting that they read out loud from a book, travelling to a local museum or simply having ‘stimulating’ conversations around the dinner table.

Have regular conversations with your child about their interests and activities, the child will end up feeling much smarter as a result if you place an interest in them! You could even incorporate these ‘talking’ activities into stimulating games which are designed to rely on intelligence. Common games include chess, scrabble and crosswords.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can aim to increase your child’s intelligence. Whether it actually increases IQ or not is a matter that is up for debate, however it almost certainly will give your child a new outlook on life which will eventually lead to them performing better in examinations.

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