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How to increase creativity in your child

Creativity is incredibly important if you want to set yourself apart from others in this highly competitive world, therefore you will want to start work on increasing creativity in your child as young as possible. It should be worth noting that creativity isn’t something that can be learned, you already have it when you are born, after all, everybody has their own personality. Instead, creativity is something that must be nurtured by the parents and teachers that interact with the child on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways in which you can increase your child’s creativity.

Perhaps the best way for improving your child’s creativity is through games and other ‘creative’ activities. This also has the dual benefit of allowing you to bond with your child at the same time. Here are a few ideas for games that you can use to improve your child’s creativity:

Perhaps the best thing you can do to encourage creativity is to carry out role play and allow your children to ‘act out’ whatever they see fit. This is ideal if you are ‘working’ with a number of children at the same time. If you only have one child under your control then play with them, maybe even help them create a costume for the role play. This will really do a lot to encourage their creativity.

Encourage your children to finish what you are saying, I am sure you have used ‘what happens next’ as a game, so try to incorporate into what you do. You will be surprised at the crazy answers that your children will come up.

You will want to encourage your children to ask questions about the world, after all, the more they know, the more they will be able to interpret was is around them. This of course will lead to much greater creativity. It will also improve their education.

You will also need to start giving your children the ability to make decisions in their life, after all, this is something that they will be doing a lot when they have grown older. This will contribute towards an increase in creativity as the child will make a decision based on what is in front of them, sometimes they will come out with pretty creative decision.

Read to your child A LOT! Reading has an incredible power to make images appear in a mind. This is probably one of the most powerful tools that you can use for improve your child’s creativity. Try to question them on what world they created in their mind later on, you will be surprised at what they see, after all, everybody images a world differently.

Finally, give them colouring books and paper along with a couple of pens. You will surprised at how much this does to increase their creativity.

 As you carry out these activities with your child, you will begin to encourage them to become their own person, to have their own perceptions on the world and of course, to make their decisions. These are all important skills that we be called on throughout the child’s life, and therefore it is important to develop the skills as early as possible.

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