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How English tutor should cooperate with parents to help children lean English

Despite what many parents may think, it isn't just the English tutor's job to help the child learn English. In fact, the parent has an incredibly important role to play in the whole process of learning English. Let's take a little look at how they can both communicate with the tutor and cooperate to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.


Firstly, what parents need to realize is that the child's attitude when they learn English will be based on the parents attitudes. Many parents believe that hiring a private English tutor will make everything better, but if the parent doesn't demonstrate that the English language is an important thing to learn, then the child will not display the right attitude. Therefore, in order to help the English tutor, the parent needs to constantly emphasize that learning English is important. They will quickly realize that this attitude is picked up by the child and they will put a lot more effort into the learning process.


In addition to this, the parents can also aid the private English tutor by preparing the child for learning. This means ensuring that they are always in the right frame of mind to proceed with their lessons. This can be obtained by something as simple as purchasing the right materials for their lesson such as dictionaries and pens and paper. Of course, the parent should also show a keen interest in the learning of their child. Which means that they should talk to them about how their day was in the tutoring session. Both of these combined should help boost motivation and give a child a much greater willingness to learn. Finally, it is important that a parent makes their child do homework. This means setting aside a time and a place each and every day for the homework to be carried out. Once the child gets into the habit then it really will become much easier. The parent should also be on hand to answer any questions about learning English that may present themselves.


Whilst many parents are understandably a little put off by talking to tutors that are helping their children learn English, it is something that should be done. They are going to be an invaluable resource for giving updates on the progression of the child's learning of English. The main benefit however is that the private English tutor will be more than happy to share information on how English can be practised away from the classroom, which is of course absolutely invaluable knowledge as studies have consistently shown that the majority of English learning takes place outside of the classroom! It could be something as simple as reading a book, or the tutor may supply you with resources that can be used by the parent. You shouldn't be worried about just going up there and approaching the tutor, they have your child's best interests at heart too.


As you can see, when parents and tutors work together, the learning ability of the child will be substantially increased.

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