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Good websites to learn English phonics

Good Websites to learn English Phonics

There are many phonics resources throughout the online world which purport to help you learn English with phonics.  But what sites truly lived up to their claims?  Below is a list of good websites to learn English Phonics:

· Foniks {} - This is a phonics course for spelling and reading for people of all ages to learn English properly.  It is a free resource which does include some advertising which some people may find distracting.  But the good thing is this site is for people of all ages such as adults who want to learn English and do not want to be inundated by kid’s phonics learning.

· Starfall { - This is a free website specializing in children phonics reading.  The site is split into four section based upon the current level of the user.  The great thing about this phonics site is there is zero advertising even though it is free.

· Looney Tunes Phonics {} - This site has won various awards and instructs children reading with phonics.  The teaching method is enjoyable and interesting for children.  In 2008 Practical Homeschooling Magazine wrote a glowing article about Looney Tunes Phonics and concluded that it is inexpensive and covers phonemic awareness, alphabet, word recognition and word decoding.

· Kizphonics (kizphonics) - Plenty of phonic actives for children up to the second grade.  This site provides phonic videos, activities, worksheets, games, actives, printables, letters, starting consonants, ending consonants and so forth.  Several independent studies concluded that Kizphonics was very effective in teaching English phonics.

· Frontline Phonics {} - A phonics program specializing in phonics instruction for preschool children.  The course material is individualized for each student's unique abilities and needs and consists of phonics training, audio tracks, course plans, flash cards, worksheets and preschool tasks.

· Hooked on Phonics {} - This is probably the most famous phonics course because of the advertising campaigns on TV, radio and magazines.  This course is very comprehensive and you can pick and choose which one is right for your situation.  This program is not free and the costs range between $15 and $180, depending on the specific learning needs.

· Phonics Teacher ( - This is a phonics course for children on a cd which costs $39.95.  Phonic Teacher includes games for children and is great for kids who either need a little extra instruction at home or for homeschoolers.


· Free Phonics Worksheets {} - This is a completely free phonics program which provides worksheets to help people learn the proper rules of reading.  These sheets can work well for both on their own or as a supplement to other phonics courses.

· Go Phonics {} - This program is perfect for readers who are struggling and need an extra boost.  This program is multifaceted and includes 50 games and 5 workbooks. 

· Reading Lessons ( - You can pick and choose what lessons you want for this phonics course and it has a book, a DVD and 3 cd ROMs. Reading Lessons features a bunny who teaches children how to read.   If the entire package is purchased it will cost a hair less than $100.

One of the problems with finding good websites to learn English phonics is many of them specialize in teaching small English children on how to read and not adults who want to learn English.   Unfortunately most of the English phonics courses do cater to small children.  Looking for courses which are created for adults can be challenging but a few were listed above. 

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