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Tutor ID5936
Nationality Chinese-Hong Konger
Gender Female
Age 31-35 Years
Rates $550-$600
Job Type Part time job or full time job
Specialize No preference,Kindergarten students,Primary students,Secondary students,Adult students
Location Jardine's Lookout
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Self Introducion

I am a private English and piano tutor who has 3 whole years of full time tutoring experience. I graduated from University of Toronto, the no.1 ranking university in town. I have a native English speaker accent as I spent 4 whole years in Canada and I grew up in a local prestige school, Marymount Primary School and Marymount Secondary School which use English as the medium of instruction. 

I am very experienced in working with children by adopting the international school's teaching philosophy - that is to LEARN FROM HAVING FUN AND GAMES, WHILE ADULTS GIVING THEM LOTS OF ENCOURAGEMENTS AND INSPIRATIONS ALONG THE WAY. With my abundant tutoring experience, I have developed a unique method to make them learn without themselves being aware of it (as they think they are just playing games and engaged in random conversation with me).

I always receive compliments from parents for being a flexible and responsible tutor who keeps adjusting teaching methods according to students' response and adaptability in each class. I also communicate with parents on a frequent basis about what was taught in class, how the kids performed / behaved and what I plan to do next for their children, etc. Parents can be assured that with or without their presence, they are fully updated about their children's progress and short/long term learning goals. For your information, parents are more than welcome to sit in the class at anytime if they wish to understand more about their children's learning progress.

My current students are ALL international school students such Singapore International School, Victoria Shanghai Academy, Island School, Canadian International School, Harrow International School, Learning Habitat Kindergarten etc. Normally, there is minimal homework for international school students and thus this is where my value comes in - to guide them in reading, creating stories on their own, using correct grammar, spelling words with phonics, etc. At parents' request, I also guided children on other subjects as they need it - Mandarin, Cantonese, Music, Math, etc, you name it. 

Having completed a “Certificate of Piano Teaching” programme from the Royal School of Music, I am also a qualified piano tutor in which I am actively involved in the Royal School of Music's teachers events. I am currently a part time translator for the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music Examinations. 

On top of working on education, I am also a freelancer working on translation jobs, business reviews, writing up articles for business marketing purposes, commercial business writing, etc.
 With my strong background in business, I can also offer adult professional commercial writing courses.

My brief qualification:
Bachelor degree from University of Toronto
Master degree from City University of Hong Kong
Licensed member of Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries
Qualified piano teacher from Royal School of Music, with attainment of Grade 8 piano (distinction) and Grade 8 music theory (Merit)
Wedding Pianist and Piano Accompanist for various organizations and events
 4 years of full time working experience in the commercial field, working on business development and compliance.

Thank you.