General English,Business English,Interview English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Phonetics,English Literature

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Nationality Others
Gender Male
Age 36-40 Years
Rates $400-$450
Job Type Part time job only
Specialize No preference
Location Sai Kung
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Self Introducion

Hi, My name is JD. I have been living and teaching in Hong Kong for 11,5 years now. I teach using techniques borrowed from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a wealth of experience. Below is my complete CV.


Relevant Experience



Private Tutoring         

This includes a vast range of duties and roles.


E.g. Cambridge English (YLE-KET), Trinity English, Speech Festival training, Phonics, Playgroup English, Creative writing, Grammar, Academic Writing, IELTS, TOEFL, Interviewing Skills training and much more.


I make worksheets when required and have many different curricula in my possession.

I enjoy making worksheets, as it gives me the chance to be creative, write short stories and such.

Objects included in teaching could be flashcards, drawings, plastic animals, hand-made as well as generic puzzles, 3D puzzles, storybooks, etc.


Rainbow English Learning Center

Duties: teaching Playgroup English, Phonics, Grammar, Tailor-made courses, and Adult English.



York Education

Duties: preparing courses, teaching foresaid courses, managing and grading mock-exams.


In September 2007 I was promoted to VP of School Liaisons.

Duties: managing courses, making curriculums, hiring teachers, training teachers, etc.

Visiting schools, making quotations and various other administrative duties were a part of the job.


Prince English School

Duties: Cambridge English Instructor


Shine Kids’Studio Ltd.

Duties: Interview Coach, English Teacher, Speech festival Coach, Trinity Instructor



Duties: Summer school teacher


One World Education

Duties: Developing and teaching English courses for students aged 3-11


Talent Educational Services

Duties: English Ambassador Courses, Summer School Teacher, Drama Teacher



Duties: Acting coach/ Drama teacher


Ample Instruction Ltd.

Duties: Extra-curricular English Teacher at Yau Yat Chuen Village Kindergarten




TopClass English

Duties: English Teacher, Cambridge English Instructor


























































Amazing Language

Duties: Course and Curriculum Designer, English teacher, Cambridge English Instructor


Star English

Duties: English Teacher, Cambridge English Instructor


TopClass English

Duties: English Teacher, Cambridge English Instructor


Datasource Int. Ltd

Duties: Voice Talent.

The recording of voice-overs, instructions, fairy tales, dictionaries, commercials, etc.



Global IT.

Duties: Conduct Private Tuition sessions at clients of the company.






















    2015-present                   HKIPAF

                                            Duties: Adjudicator of Speech Festivals and Music Competitions, Award Ceremony      







    2015-present                   Transperfect Ltd.

                                      Duties: Voice Talent.

                                            The recording of voice-overs, instructions, fairy tales, dictionaries, commercials, etc








Duties: Translator

Translating legal documents from Dutch-English and vice versa.



Duties: Translator and Voice Actor

Recording of voice overs for commercials etc.












Hobbies and Interests


My hobbies are playing instruments (guitar, guitalele, ukulele, paino, woodwinds and recently Alto Sax), writing poetry and short stories, illustrating works of writing and flashcards, as well as drawing and painting.