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Post DateTutoring Job Detail

Kowloon Side (Case ID:7123)
4.5 girl needs help on English speaking in complete sentence, listening and writing alphabets and simple words. Also, she wants to achieve Movers level (Cambridge YLE) and Trinity GESE level 4 within a year her school has no NET now lives in kwai chung, but will move to Wonderland Villas in Sept 2017. once or twice a week, 1 hour, $350-450 per hour From Sept, she is free Tue: 4:30-6 Wed: 4:30-6 For summer, she is free Mon to Thurs: 3:00-4:30 and can do 3-4 lessons a week Message: My daughter is about 4.5 years old (March 2013 born) now and in K1. She knows basic phonics and learnt under RWI system. She is able to blend some simple Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) words but she is unable to read most of the words and fails to read a book herself. It is difficult for her to communicate purely in English. She is not able to speak in complete sentence most of the time. I hope she will have taken Trinity GESE Grade 4 and Cambridge Movers with good grades before she has Primary One interview which will be held around late 2018. Besides, I hope she will acquire good show and tell skills and will be able to communicate in English freely as well. I understand that it is a bit radical the learning schedule would be if my targets are like those. I hope that she will be able to take GESE Grade 1 in the coming NOV/DEC and take Grade after she reached 5 years old in March 2018. And then hopefully she will take Grade 3 and 4 in June/July 2018. For Movers, I don’t have too much expectation actually. So if she gets a perfect score in Starters before having Primary One interview, I will be satisfied with the result much

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